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Dear Affiliate Club Members

We are holding the 47th IVVCC International Gordon Bennett Rally on 8th to 10th June 2023.  In 2023 we will commemorate the 120th anniversary of the Gordon Bennett race held in Ireland 1903 and plan to make it a very special occasion for all our entrants.
We attach a leaflet with outline information of the upcoming event for all cars registered by 31st December 1930.  Detailed information and entry form will be available on the www.ivvcc.ie website by early December and we will email you the details when available.
On this special commemorative event in 2023 the Board of the IVVCC is offering a Complimentary Entry to cars registered before 31st December 1904 and look forward to welcoming these cars that would have been on our roads in that era.
The 2023 event is based in Mount Wolseley, Tullow, Co Carlow and we plan both social and interactive runs on the Thursday 8th and Friday 9th and the competitive challenge takes place on Saturday 10th June.
Many of you members have been very regular participants in previous IVVCC Gordon Bennet events and some of our previous overseas entrants have been unable to come in recent times due to Covid restrictions.  The event in June 2023 will be an occasion to meet up again and enjoy the early summer Irish countryside!!
If any of your members are interested in taking part in our very special 2023 commemorative event, please ask them to email their interest to:  events@ivvcc.ie.
As some club members may not have eligible vehicles for this 2023 event and would be interested in helping with marshalling, etc., please ask them to email – events@ivvcc.ie and we will contact them separately.
Kind regards
Bernadette Wyer