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We are a group of 8 friends in West Wales who share a love of “classic”cars and a desire to raise some money and an awareness for a couple of causes that are near to our hearts for various reasons.

For the past four years, as a group, we have arranged an annual trip for drivers and passengers from West Wales to Southern Ireland with approximately 40 odd classic cars of various models and ages. We all stay together at the same hotel and the various car clubs of the area host us during our 4/5 day stay. We have enjoyed not only the Irish hospitality but also spectacular scenery of the car runs together with the special privileges of joining with car shows within the grounds of Kilkenny Castle and in front of cruise ships at the port of Cobh to name just a few, these events attract hundreds of people, giving us further opportunities to promote our chosen charities.

During this time, through fun and laughter we have hopefully raised not only an increase in awareness of our chosen charities but also over £22,000. Dean Mason Memorial Fund – CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young) is the reason we started this annual event after the sudden death of our friends 26 year old son – the money we have raised helps fund a mobile unit to screen the hearts of youngsters in our local area to hopefully prevent other families experience the same pain our friends experienced . Our second charity has previously been Meningitis UK as a result of the illness being contracted by the granddaughter of one of the group of 8 (now a lively, & thankfully healthy 10 year old). This year, however, we would like to be able to make a donation to Little People UK in place of Meningitis UK, as we now have the wonderfully delightful Sebastian Griffin Jenkins in our lives. We knew nothing of Achondroplasia before Seb was born earlier this year and as we are privileged to have him arrive in our family. We would like to help make more people compassionate and understanding of this condition by raising awareness. We are heading to Ireland once again April 26th 2018.