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Dear Sir or Madam,

I am from Tipperary in Ireland and enquiring if you may know of a vintage car owner in Ireland that would own a Toyota Corina 4-door 1981 model car? Please see attached image from Google Images, as a reference image only of the model type.

The reason is am putting together a documentary film.
Please see further info on my webpage

As part of the film, a neighbour who drove school pupils including myself home from Primary School every drove a Toyota Corina 4-door 1981 model car, which was a chocolate brown/ light brown colour. He unexpectedly died when I was ten years old. He was in his seventies. There is a same model type of car in Nenagh but in a red colour.

I would like to incorporate a visual of the same type of car in the documentary film perhaps in the form of a photograph or filming the dashboard of the car, showing the driver’s hands, as if it was the neighbour driving pupils including myself home.

Could I please enquire if you may know somebody that would own a similar vintage car, preferably before the end of January coming?

Many Thanks.

Kind Regards,
Nicholas Ryan Purcell

Telephone: 0505-20001 / 087-2501344